Metal & Minerals Investment Conference New York
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2014 New York Metals & Minerals Investment Conference

The annual Metals & Minerals Investment Conferences™ (formerly known as the Hard Assets Investment Conferences) serve as the premier venue for U.S. based individual, professional and institutional investors to gain awareness on the gamut of investment opportunities in the natural resources sector– from mining company stocks to the hard bullion (gold, silver, more). Investors have been attending the annual conferences in New York and San Francisco to network with serious natural resource investors, and benefit from the sharing of investment wisdom and an unparalleled access to executives of mining companies. Learn more about the event series.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

The Metals & Minerals Investment Conferences provide active investors with actionable and profitable advice on how to best evaluate mining stocks and how to strategically position their portfolios for sustainable long term wealth.  These conferences are more than a series of sessions and workshops. Brilliant investors with a track record for beating the market and leveraging bull and bear cycles are there to discuss the key concepts of investing in natural resources and share some of their investment strategies.

You won’t leave the New York conference with just a bunch of investment ideas and water cooler wisdom, but you will gain insight from analysts and forecasters on global demand and supply trends for various commodities (ie. base metals, raw materials, and more). You will take the lessons learned in the session room and immediately apply them on the exhibition floor hosting a collection of mining companies with solid establishment and a positive outlook for new projects. Whether you are an experienced investor or a novice to this investment class, your next great investment opportunity is waiting for you. Learn more about who attends this conference.

Admission is complimentary for active investors and includes presentations from successful investors, commodities experts and analysts, executives at mining companies and more. 

We look forward to sharing these opportunities with you in New York on May 12-13, 2014 at the Marriott Marquis.


Why Invest in Metals & Minerals?

Why Invest in Metals & Minerals? What does the gold watch on your wrist, platinum ring on your finger, the lithium battery in your smart phone say? It says that you and many other people are heavy consumers of natural resources (i.e. precious metals, rare earth minerals and many more). With an infinite global consumption space, the demand for natural resources could easily exceed the supply of these resources thereby driving up the price. Investing in these asset classes can provide sustainable long term returns. 

However as with any investment there are risks and therefore you need to do your due diligence. Investing in metals and minerals can be easily justified. Attending the New York Metals and Minerals Investment Conference will educate on the who, what, and when of investing in this asset class. 

At the New York conference you will uncover:

  •  What are the risks and rewards for investing in any natural resource opportunities? 
  • How to effectively evaluate a mining company and its place in your investment mix..
  • Metals mutual funds - precious or not - are they right for your portfolio? 
  • Gold ETFs seem to be stealing the spotlight, what are the risks and rewards? 
  • Where are the emerging hotbeds and which companies are actively pursuing those opportunities? 
  • And many other actionable ideas for best evaluating this asset class.
 If you are an active investor - individual, professional or institutional - then this is an asset class you should explore for investment strategy.

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